When it comes to off-the-road wheels and rims, there's almost nothing we can't do!

FTC can fabricate to original equipment specs or modified replacement wheel specifications for the following vehicles:  

  • Graders
  • Combines
  • Skidders
  • Loaders
  • Sprayers
  • Back hoes
  • Scrapers
  • Farm tractors
  • Grain carts
  • Monster trucks,
  • Swamp buggies, etc. 

The rim applications are endless!

FTC not only can fabricate full wheel assemblies, we also fabricate and sell the sub-assemblies including: lock rings, flanges, side rings, bead bands, center flat disks, dual plates, valve protectors, etc. Please contact us today for more information. 

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paining custom off-road wheels

We use a durable, shiny finish, custom matched to whatever color you specify. Or if you prefer to paint it yourself, just let us know.