Why Choose FTC for custom off-road wheels?

You only think about customized off-road wheels when you have to, right? We understand, and that’s how we aim to keep it. Working with FTC is easy and our product is reliable. You can trust that we’ll do what we say and deliver a proven product that won’t cause you headaches down the road. When you choose FTC, you can rest easy. 


Unlike some of the off-road wheels we’ve seen from overseas suppliers, ours are heavy-duty, sturdy assemblies that have been proven to perform. We get our engineered components only from suppliers who have stellar reputations for quality.

We know you can’t have any leaks. That’s why we use a submerged arc welding process that has been x-ray tested and meets stringent military specifications for quality. To ensure all holes are drilled in the correct location, every single time, we use special fixtures that guarantee accuracy. FTC uses flat centers because they don’t crack like formed or pressed in centers. 

Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. We’ve got over 40 years of field-tested experience behind our products in the most challenging environments. And they perform. Reliably.


FTC has been fabricating off-the-road wheel and rim assemblies for the petroleum, agriculture, construction and other industries for over 40 years. When you do something that long, you learn a thing or two. Those lessons have been applied to ensure our wheels are consistently of the utmost quality. The last thing you need is downtime from cracked wheel or broken rim. 

All of our shop technicians have been in the industry 10+ years. Their deep knowledge and skill enables us to turn orders around with incredible efficiency. Our shop foreman has almost 30 year’s experience. There’s nothing he hasn’t seen. Got a really usual wheel / rim customization? Send it our way. He’d love a new challenge!


You’ll notice this from your first call. We really care about you. And we care about our reputation. That compels us to offer unparalleled service, whether it is quick turnaround (typically 7-10 days – sooner if you need it), arranging for freight delivery, or the ability to accommodate unusual requests. FTC is a family business, run by a husband-and-wife team with a winning track record. They are in this business for the long haul and determined to grow. They know that customer service is key to winning and keeping customers.


Since every job is custom, it is nearly impossible to compare apples-to-apples. But our customers consistently tell us that our prices are extremely competitive. That’s not hard to understand. FTC has historically kept overhead very low, and with the changes instituted by the new ownership, we’re now very labor efficient, thanks to streamlined processes and newer equipment. So, while you won’t find a fancy-schmancy office in our “corporate headquarters,” you will find very affordable prices!


We don’t have a formal “Limited Warranty” written by corporate attorneys to make it full of clever loopholes. Instead, we give you our word. If you have a problem with our product, we’ll make it right. Our reputation is at stake. Our relationship with you is at stake. We want you as a long-term customer. We want our kids to be doing business with your kids after we all retire (many years from now.) We know that won’t happen unless we take good care of you. And we will. 

painted white off-road wheels
black off-road wheels with custom centers
off-road wheel for construction industry

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